Single Sided Flags

Single Sided vs. Double Sided Flags

A lot of people ask us this, Here's the quick answer...because some fabrics are porous, on some fabric types the ink will bleed through and be visible from the opposite or non-printed side. However, the image is reversed or like looking in a mirror on the non-printed side. This is what we call "single sided mirror image". This is the standard for most of our flag types.
We do have some fabrics and non-textiles that aren't intended for this type of use. These usually go up against a wall, and can only be seen from one side. This is what we mean by "true single sided".
Our double sided flags are printed on two separate pieces of fabric and have a block out liner sewn in between, which blocks out the image from either side. So, no matter what the substrate, if we say it's "double sided", you'll see an image clearly on both the front and the back.   On a double sided flag for a Country the image is usually mirror image on the reverse side even though it is printed on two pieces.  On a Corporate flag we usually print both sides, so they are legible irrespective of the side you look at
Our embroidered flags are also visible from both sides or if you opt for a cut and sew flag then the sewn aspects are sewn on each side respectively