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Bali Flag

    Ever wanted to promote your business or event with feature flags? Now you can.  Feather Banners from CM FLAGS are designed to grab attention, plus they are extremely lightweight which make them easy to transport, set up or take down at the end of the day.

    Our Custom Feather banners are made from tear resistant, lightweight and printable material that works great with custom graphics.  Available with a lightweight pole set and a wide range of base options to stick into grass, sand or soil or stands that sit on hard surfaces either indoor or outdoors or brackets for fences or walls.  In addition, the banner can easily be removed from the poles and replaced with a new banner without having to reinvest in a new pole set which makes them affordable for all businesses.  Buy several feather banners make your display truly stand out.

    We have the finest quality feather flags in the country, thanks to the quality materials we use and our high quality printing process.

    Perfect For
    Car Yards
    Furniture Stores
    Sports Clubs

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    All banners are fade-resistant. and can be made in any colour.
    All banners are fitted with pocket for poles and can be supplied with numerous base options.
    Outdoor banner are wind-resistant and can withstand heavy weather conditions.

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